For those who have received the copyright infringement claim from YouTube

This is massenext Inc. operating ZULA, an agent website.
We are overseeing the management of master recordings(music) and videos on youtube on behalf of the rights holder as part of our business.

Agent Website ZULA
(Management company: massenext Inc.)

For those who have received the copyright infringement claim from YouTube, YouTube has automatically sent out a notification to you after detecting master recordings (music) or videos under our management within your uploaded content.

YouTube claims "copyright infringement," which in general means that master recordings (music) and/or videos belonging to the rights holder are being detected. There will be no issue continuing to use the content but please do note that depending on the rights holder, your content is subjected to limitations such as being blocked.

If you do not face any issue releasing your content, you are not required to do anything such as deleting your content or setting it as private. Nonetheless, you may start to find advertisements attached to your content where the benefit generated is distributed accordingly amongst the right holders of the master recordings (music) and videos.

Moreover, if you receive a copyright infringement claim from Youtube despite not using any master recordings (music) or videos under our management, please file a "copyright takedown request" following directions from YouTube. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

massenext Inc.